Folders allow you to organise your inbox

and increase the efficiency and quality of your customer responses.



Folder Groups are used to categorize incoming messages that relate to a particular business area, so that your agents can identify and resolve issues quickly and accurately.

Create a folder Group

Create a folder

Viewing tickets in a folder

Add Folder to a Ticket

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3. Label & Save 3. Label    3. Remove
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Create a Folder Group

The concept of folder groups and folders is similar to categories and subcategories.



Step 1
Select the messages tab from the top
navigation bar in ReplyManger.
Select the Folders tab from the left side menu.



Step 2
You will see a list of default folders.
To create your own folder group click the
dropdown on the New Folder button and
select 'New Folder Group'.



Step 3
Enter the name of the folder group
and save your changes.



Things to Note:
A folder group will only appear if there is a folder within this group.



Create a Folder


Step 1
Select the ‘Messages’ tab from the
navigation bar at the top of the screen.
From the left hand side menu select
Folders. In the Folders screen you will
see a list of default Folders.




Step 2
Click ‘New Folder’.




Step 3
Enter the name of the Folder,
the group you wold like to
categorise it under, the colour
and you can choose an icon as well.



Step 4
Click ‘Save Changes’.



Viewing tickets in a folder


Step 1
Go to  the ‘Messages’ homepage,
navigate to the left hand side menu.
You may need to open the collapsable
menu of folder to see your list of folders.




Step 2
Click the name of the folder which you would like to view tickets.



Add Folder to a Ticket

Step 1
Go inside the ticket you would like to
attach the folder too.



Step 2
On the right sidebar, you will see
“+ Assign folders”.
Click here to view your folders to assign.





Step 3
Click the “x” beside the folder to remove if needs be.





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