Adding teammates to your ReplyManager inbox encourages improved team collaboration.

When you add a teammate they can log into your ReplyManager inbox using their email address, they then become part of your team. Building a team means you can have a group of people with a broad range of knowledge and skills and be able to offer top quality customer support. 


Adding a Teammate:

1. Go to Add > Add Teammate.

navigation bar.png

2. Simply fill in the user’s name and the email address they wish to use to log into ReplyManager. Following this they will be sent an email to verify their address.

3. Your teammate will receive the email below and must verify their email address to fully complete the set up.

paint edit add user 1.png

You have successfully added a teammate to your ReplyManager account.

Got some questions about adding a teammate to ReplyManager? We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have. Get in touch with us at