When you customise the User Interface you can introduce your company's branding and logo to ReplyManager.


Customising the User Interface makes the ReplyManager inbox more personal to your company. You can tailor the colours to suit your preferences and incorporate branding and logos. This can be done in just a few short steps.

  1. Directions
  2. Edit
  3. Save



Step 1
On the top navigation bar go to settings.
From the left side menu go to
General > Account Settings.
Click on the Appearance tab and
you will be presented with different options.




Step 2
Enter the colours you would like to customise.
Brand main colour
The top banner of the application
Secondary colour
Accent colours mainly buttons
Background colour
The full background colour of the application under the banner.
Default text colour
Majority of text in the application
Link colour
Any text that links to another page.
Default font size
Here you can choose the text size from tiny, small, normal, large, extra large and XXL. Our default setting in in between small and normal.
Font type
You can choose from Arial, Roboto, Roboto Condensed, Roboto Slab, Open Sans, Open Sans Condensed, Droid Sans, Droid Serif, Ubuntu, Lato, Raleway and Titillium Web
Table cell spacing
Here you can the size of spacing in any tables like your inbox where your messages are displayed or your folders. Here you can choose from tiny, small, normal, large, extra large and XXL.

Step 3
Be sure to save your changes for them to be visible in your ReplyManager inbox.


Need to know more? Contact our team on support@replymanager.com