Bookmarks are a great way of marking important tickets and keeping them easily accessible at all times.


Creating a Bookmark:

1. Go to the messages tab on the top navigation bar.

2. Navigate to the left side menu and select ‘My Bookmarks’.  

bookmarks rm.png


3. You will see one bookmark is made for you in your account, it is labelled ‘Starred’. You can delete this bookmark if you wish. You can add as many bookmarks to your account as you like.

4. When creating your own bookmark give it a title in the ‘New Label’ field. You can also assign a colour and icon to your bookmark. Click ‘Save Changes’.

5. To use the bookmark, return to your inbox and click on the ticket you would like to assign the bookmark to. Click on the star icon in the top right hand corner. You will be presented with a dropdown of all your bookmarks, simply select the one you would like to attach to the ticket.


6. When you no longer need to deal with a ticket and it is no longer of great importance it is possible to remove the bookmark so that the ticket no longer appears in the bookmark folder. To do this click on the ticket and in the top right hand corner click on the star icon and deselect the bookmark from the list. The ticket will then no longer appear in that bookmark folder.


You have successfully created and added a bookmark to a ticket!

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