What are email signatures? An email signature is text added to the end of any email message that you send.

Email signatures are typically used to provide the recipient with information about the sender such as name, contact number, often workplace or website URL. ReplyManager allows you have a different email signature for each channel you have connected to your inbox.


How to configure your signature?

1. On the top navigation bar go to Settings.

2. From the left side menu select Channels.

At this point you must decide which channel you would like to configure an email signature for. It is the same process for all channels so once you have completed it once it is the same process again for another channel.

email signature 1.png


3. Once you have selected the channel, go to the ReplyManager tab.

email signatures 2.png


4. Enter the name you would like the recipient to see in their inbox in the ‘Enter from name’ tab. You can use the following smart tags here to insert agents name, #agent_first_name# or #agent_full_name#.

In the ‘Email signature’ tab include your sign off message along with your name or a smart tag to insert your name.

Click save changes when you're happy with your signature. 


5. Here is an example of how to fill out the tabs and the way it appears in an email.


You have successfully created an email signature in ReplyManager!

Got some questions about ReplyManager email signatures? We’ll be happy to help. Get in touch with us at support@replymanager.com.