When you customise the User Interface you can introduce different layouts to your inbox.

Customising the the ReplyManager inbox more personal to you and how you would like to manage incoming queries. ReplyManager allows you to customise the data tables to suit your team’s requirements so you only see the data that is required. This can be done in just a few short steps.

  1. Directions
  2. Default Messages View
  3. Edit
  4. Save


Step 1
Click on the Settings button on the top
toolbar. Then ensure you are in
General>Account Settings. Then
select ReplyManager.





Step 2
Scroll to the field labeled “Default Messages View”.

Step 3
From the drop down menu you can choose as a default to be brought to one of the following locations.
Folders summary - Folders tab (default)
Assigned - My tickets tab
Open - Messages that have not been resolved
Needs Action - Messages that have not had a response.
Waiting - Messages that you have responded to but are still open
Recently updated - Messgaes that have been updated
Resolved - Closed/Resolved messages
On hold - Tickets selected to remind later.

Step 4
Remember to select save changes after any edit.




Need to know more? Contact our team on support@replymanager.com