The Ultimate Helpdesk for Wish Merchants

eDesk's seamless Wish integration helps you respond faster by centralizing your Wish customer messages including order information.

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Manage everything in one dashboard

Manage everything in one dashboard

eDesk displays all of your Wish customer messages in one place, helping your Support Team stay on top of tickets. You can connect all your Wish marketplaces and other channels including social so you can prioritize tickets, have all the information you need on-hand and respond faster to customer queries from one shared mailbox.


Quick and easy setup

Quick and easy setup

It’s super easy to link your Wish account(s) to eDesk. The seamless integration can be set up in minutes, with just a few clicks, and our support team is always on hand if you have any queries or need help.


Wish order information

Wish order information

View all the Wish order data your support team needs alongside customer messages. Having everything you need to know in one place helps you respond faster and better.


Increased efficiency with AI responses

Increased efficiency with AI responses

eDesk's AI and one-click responses help Wish merchants deal with busy sales periods and stay on top of their customer service metrics including response times and SLAs.


Team collaboration on tickets

Team collaboration on tickets

eDesk’s shared inbox and auto-assign features help customer support teams work more effectively and efficiently. Your support agents will love the @mention feature which allows colleagues to collaborate together to resolve their Wish tickets more quickly.

About eDesk

Join over 5,000 retailers using eDesk to deliver amazing customer support

eDesk is a powerful helpdesk for eCommerce retailers and online sellers that combines customer interactions from your website, marketplaces, and all your social channels into a simple dashboard that your team will love.

The only purpose-built eCommerce helpdesk for online sellers

eDesk connects all markets to the same dashboard and displays all of your customer messages and order details in one place. This means you will never miss a query again.

eDesk enables you to deliver superior support and resolve customers’ queries in a fraction of the time.

Deal with the increase in customer queries more efficiently

eDesk helps businesses to deal with this increased volume of customer queries through both its automated and one-click response features.

eDesk helps you to deal with more customer queries in much less time.

Our positive feedback tool helps you sell more

eDesk targets positive feedback with smart selective requests to increase positive reviews on eBay, Amazon, Trustpilot, and more. This leads to more sales for your business.

eDesk helps you get more positive reviews than ever before.

Our centralised shared inbox is perfect for remote teams

eDesk’s shared inbox and auto-assign features mean customer support teams working from different locations will no longer step on each other’s toes by responding to the same query.

eDesk enables you to go from ticket to resolution in a fraction of the time.

Improve team performance with better reporting

eDesk’s reporting feature helps you to plan and improve team performance through its team performance metrics. This enables you to identify peak support and ticket volume times so you can ensure that you maintain speedy response times and never miss a query.

eDesk provides you with the information you need to deliver great customer support.

Respond faster than your competitors with AI tools

With features such as auto-responders for weekends and busy periods, as well as auto-translation for international customers, eDesk ensures that you can respond to queries faster than your competitors. With artificial intelligence, eDesk analyses tickets and automatically creates responses for each query.

eDesk helps you to respond to queries quicker than ever before.

And even more features:

More features
  • Centralized inbox for all integrations
  • One-click invoice generator
  • Real-time dynamic dashboards
  • Full team and channel reporting
  • Manage your marketplace SLAs
  • Auto-translate
  • Respond faster with snippets and templates
  • Built-in autoresponder
  • Respond instantly with Live Chat
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