Assigning tickets and escalating issues to the agent with relevant skills allows for improved team collaboration. 

Escalate a Ticket:

1. Click the labels bar on the right hand side menu of a ticket.

2. Select the designated folder to change the status of the ticket. For example: Urgent, Important, Needs attention.

escalate a ticket


Assign to another user:

Select a message from the Messages homepage. Select the user dropdown menu from the top navigation bar above the message. Click the name of the agent you wish to assign the ticket to. The message will then appear in the assigned agents inbox when they log into ReplyManager.


Bulk Actions-

Bulk Assign to Agents:

1. Select individually the tickets or open the folder of tickets which you want to bulk assign to an agent or agents.

2. If you are in a folder, be sure to select all tickets using the select all button.

3. These messages can be assigned to agents by clicking the ‘Assign’ dropdown.

4. Select the agent(s) you want to manage the ticket.

Bulk Assign to Folders:

1. Select the messages you wish to assign to folders.

2. Select the ‘Actions’ dropdown from the navigation bar at the top of all tickets. Here you can bulk assign tickets to folders, set custom fields, mark all selected tickets as open or closed.

Bulk Assign Notes:

1. From within a selected folder of tickets, select the messages you want to add the notes to.

2. Select ‘Add Note’

3. The note will be assigned to all selected tickets.

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