This integration allows you to quickly find a Linnworks Order ID or access any specific product invoice easily and efficiently within ReplyManager’s new user interface.

Follow the simple steps below to connect your Linnworks account with ReplyManager.

1: Select the ‘Settings’ dashboard from the top navigation menu.
2: From the left hand side menu click ‘Company Settings’
3: Select the Linnworks tab from the top.


4: Click the ‘here’ link below the ‘ReplyManager APP Token’ field and open the URL.
5: Log in to your Linnworks account to authorise ReplyManager to access your information from Linnworks. Click ‘Install’. This will give you the required APP Token code.
6: Copy your APP Token and paste it into the box provided beside ‘ReplyManager APP Token’. Click Save changes. Your account is now successfully connected.

Internal notes- improving team communication:
Internal notes added in ReplyManager are pulled into your Linnworks account. This helps streamline your communication and keeps a consistent view of the customer story.

Adding Internal Notes in ReplyManager:
1: When in your message dashboard, select a ticket.
2: Select the ‘Internal Note’ tab above the body of text.
3: When you have entered the note, select ‘Add Internal Note’.

4: Your internal note will automatically be assigned to the order in Linnworks.

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