Folders allow you to organise your inbox and increase the efficiency and quality of your customer responses.

Folder Groups are used to categorize incoming messages that relate to a particular business area, so that your agents can identify and resolve issues quickly and accurately. Folders are used to highlight specific issues such as 'Refund', 'Damaged product', 'Late shipment' etc.

Create a Folder Group:

To have your inbox as organised as possible it is a good idea to create folder groups. To folder groups you can add as many folders as you like. The concept of folder groups and folders is similar to categories and sub categories. An example of folder groups and folders within that group would be a folder group named Amazon and folders within that named Amazon- returns, Amazon damaged item, Amazon late shipment etc. Follow the steps below to create your first folder group. 

1. Select the messages tab from the top navigation bar in ReplyManger. 

2. Select the Folders tab from the left side menu.

3. You will see a list of default folders. To create your own folder group click the dropdown on the New Folder button and select 'New Folder Group'.

4. Enter the name of the folder group and save your changes. 


Create a Folder:

1. Select the ‘Messages’ tab from the navigation bar at the top of the screen.
2. From the left hand side menu select Folders. In the Folders screen you will see a list of default Folders.
3. Click ‘New Folder’.

4. Enter the name of the Folder.
5. Choose the Folder Group that you would like your new folder to belong to and be visible under. 
6. Select Folder colour.
7. Select appropriate icon.
8. Click ‘Save Changes’.
folder name

Assign an Agent to a Folder:
1. On the ‘Messages’ homepage, navigate to the left hand side menu.
2. Click a folder name.
3. Check the ‘Select all’ radio button on the top navigation bar.
4. Click the ‘Assign’ button and select the relevant team members from the drop down menu.
assigning an agent

Add Folders to Tickets and Edit Status:
Notify your team of a ticket issue by changing the current folder and ticket status.
1. Go to the message dashboard and select a ticket.
2. On the right side bar, if the ticket is already assigned to a folder you will see screen 1. If it is unassigned you will see screen 2.
3. In Screen 1, you can change the folder and edit ticket status by clicking on the bar and selecting the folder you wish to assign it to.
In screen 2, click assign folders and screen 1 will appear and you select the folder you wish to assign the ticket to.

Screen 1:                                                             
screen 1

Screen 2:

screen 2

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