You can read your messages from Gmail in ReplyManager using IMAP. 


For a Gmail account you are required to enable IMAP before entering your details into ReplyManager. To do this log into your Gmail account, go to Settings and from the top navigation bar click ‘Forwarding and POP/IMAP’. Here you need to make sure IMAP is enabled as seen below.
google settings

Now that you have completed the preliminary step you can return to ReplyManager to complete the set up.

1: On the navigation bar click Add > Add Channel.
navigation bar

2: From the marketplace dropdown select ‘Other/ Generic email’.
outlook other/ generic email

3: Enter your shop title and select the country of origin of your shop and click next.
title of shop

4: At the receiving mode field select ‘Pull emails using IMAP’ from the dropdown.
select imap from dropdown

5: For Gmail select ‘Gmail or Google Apps’ from the Provider dropdown.
select gmail

6: Enter your email address and the password you use to access this account. You also need to assign a name to your IMAP folder.
enter gmail details

7: Click Next and you have completed the set up.

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