Need some help connecting your Outlook account to ReplyManager via IMAP and SMTP? Follow this step by step guide to do so.


For an Outlook account you need to firstly verify your account if you have not done so already. To do this go to Settings > Forwarding and follow the steps to verify the account.
verify outlook account

Now that you have completed the preliminary step you can return to ReplyManager to complete the set up.

1: On the navigation bar click Add > Add Channel.
navigation bar

2: From the marketplace dropdown select ‘Other/ Generic email’.
select other/ generic email

3: Enter your shop title and select the country of origin of your shop and click next.
title of shop

4: At the receiving mode field select ‘Pull emails using IMAP’ from the dropdown.
select imap from dropdown

5: For Outlook Mail select ‘Other’ from the Provider dropdown.
select other

6: Input the following information and click ‘Next’.
Provider: Other
Username and password are required
Connection Type: TLS
Port: 0 for automatic detection.
input imap information

7: When you have inputted your information and clicked next you will be brought to this screen. From the dropdown select ‘Send from own email address via SMTP’.
select smtp

8: Insert the following information and click ‘Finish’.
Connection type: TLS
Authentication: Login
Username and password are required
Port: 587
smtp information

You have successfully set up Outlook email via IMAP and SMTP.

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