SmartTags act as mini templates which allow you to compose faster and more personal responses by giving you quick access to customer details such as name and Order ID.

To use them simply enter # as you reply and the available options will pop up.
ReplyManager has a set of predefined smart tags but also allows you to create your own custom SmartTags.

How to create a SmartTag?

1: On the right hand side select '+Add a SmartTag'
smart tag

2: You will be asked to give your SmartTag a name, it is recommended to choose something memorable and related to the text you are replacing. Type what you wish to replace with a SmartTag in the replacement text box and click ‘Create SmartTag'.
smart tag

3: Select ‘Company SmartTag’ if you would like this SmartTag to be available to all your team members.


Using SmartTags on ReplyManager:

When responding to a message, simply enter ‘#’ and you will see a list of SmartTags appear, both your custom SmartTags and predefined ReplyManager SmartTags.

Tip: Keep typing after # to search for a matching tag. #fi, for example, will select #consumer_firstname#.

Press Enter or Tab to confirm your selection.
smart tags

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