Email templates can be set-up to quickly draft a message and help you fulfil Amazon SLA guidelines as well as your own countdown timer by pre-populating information for common replies that you send. 

Creating a message template:
1. Select the messages tab on the navigation bar.
2. From the messages homepage, navigate to the left side menu and select templates.
3. Select ‘+Add Message Template’. You have two options at this point, to create a template from our samples or create your own custom template.
creating an email template

Option 1- Create a message from our sample templates:
Go to the messages tab on the navigation bar.
From the messages homepage, navigate to the left side menu and select templates. Click on the dropdown menu to the right of the ‘+Add Message Template’ button.
create email template from sample

3. Select one of the options below and click create message templates.
sample email templates

Option 2- Writing your own Template:
1: Create a memorable name which explains the message contents.
2: Select how the template will be used and who it is available to. There are four options:
Support agent messages only: can only be used by support agents when responding to customers.
Support agent messages and auto-replies: can be used by support agents and sent as an auto-reply.
Auto-replies: can only be sent using auto-replies. When the conditions are met, this template will be triggered and sent.
Rule only: can only be used with a rule. When you create a rule in ReplyManager, you can select a template to be triggered when the rule activates. This template will only work with that rule.
3: Select ‘Activate Template’ to start using this template.
writing an email template
4: Select a language: ReplyManager will support your language of choice, you can draft a message to send to your international customers and send it through ReplyManager.
5: Enter a subject for your message, this field is supported by SmartTags.
6: Type the message you wish to send to customers in the message field. This section also supports the use of SmartTags. Exclude your auto-signature from this as it is created separately.
email template language and subject
7: Set usage conditions to determine when it is appropriate for your message template to be used as a response to a message. You can leave this field blank if you do not wish to restrict the type of message that the template is used in response to. You can:
Select a marketplace channel associated with the message
Enter conditional subject wording
Delivery date
How to the order is fulfilled (Merchant fulfilled, Amazon FBA)
Query type
Order status
email template usage conditions

8: Setting a delay in your auto-response suggests to the customer that it is a human response rather than a messaging bot. ReplyManager recommends a minimum of 15 minute delay and a maximum of 30 minutes.
autoresponder options for email templates

9: There is an option to use a certain template during recurring dates and times. For example an out of office template could be used between Friday 5:00 PM and Monday 9:00 AM.

10: In the case that your business may need to send a message over a certain period of time only, you can set start and end dates for a message to be sent only during the specified time frame. This comes under the one off date and time constraints.

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