Setting up your email forwarding to ReplyManager takes only a few quick steps.

1: Go to the right hand side of the navigation bar and click Add > Add channel.
navigation bar

2: Select Other/ Generic email from the Marketplace dropdown.
yahoo dropdown

3: Insert the title of your shop, select the country of origin and click Next.
yahoo-shop title

4: Type in the email address you wish to have forwarded to the ReplyManager Dashboard and copy your new xSellco email address, it will be similar to the one seen below in the highlighted box.
yahoo, new xsellco address

5: Returning to Yahoo go to settings and in the left hand side menu select Accounts. From here click on your email.

6: This screen will then appear, forwarding settings are found at the bottom of the list. Here you want to paste your new xSellco address in the space outlined below. Click Verify followed by Save.

After you click Verify you will receive a message in ReplyManager. In this message there is a link you must click to fully verify the Yahoo forwarding.
Got questions about Yahoo email forwarding? We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have. Get in touch with us at