Once your accounts have been configured, we recommend reviewing Rules. Most of your rules should work fine, however, we will need to add some rules for your eBay accounts. In the old system, we used the Force message into Folder option, this has been stripped from the new system and instead we have to create a simple rule to replicate this process.

Step 1:

Go to Messages > Rules


Step 2:

Select “Add Rule”


Step 3:

We need to configure the rule as follows:
First of all select a name for the rule and set it to active. In this example I am creating a rule for eBay returns



  • Ticket Channel
  • ‘Any of these’
  • Select the relevant eBay Channel
  • Actions: Assign to Folder and/or assign to User.
  • Click ‘Create Rule’

This can be copied and used on all other eBay accounts, once this is done, eBay messages will begin routing into the correct folders that you specify.
For the remainder of your rules, I would simply recommend reviewing them. With the new version, we offer increased options when it comes to specifying conditions. Some rules that were setup previously with a multitude of conditions can now be configured with only 1 or 2, so we would thoroughly recommend taking this opportunity to review the rules.

Have some questions? Please get in touch at support@replymanager.com