has allowed buyers to opt-out of receiving messages from sellers by changing settings in their account. This guide will provide all information on how it will interact with ReplyManager.

Important Information

  • Buyers can't opt out of messages pertaining to Handmade or Custom orders.*

  • You will not be penalized for sending unsolicited messages to buyers who opted out of receiving unsolicited messages.*

  • It is still against Amazon's terms and conditions to incentivise reviews.**

Opt out ReplyManager breakdown

Messages enforced

Since ReplyManager assists in responding to critical customer queries, Amazons opt out will have no effect on your day to day basis. The only way you may be effected is if you contact a customer directly without an initial query from them. Amazon may block this citing that it is not a critical message. The following queries are those which Amazon see as critical are:

  • Queries on product customization

  • Scheduling deliveries

  • Shipping address issues

Buyers also can't opt out of messages pertaining to Handmade or Custom orders.


Managing Critical Messages

Amazon has stated, if your message is critical to completing an order, and you are not using the Buyer-Seller Messaging Service within Seller Central, include the word [Important], with brackets as shown, anywhere in the subject line. The email will not be blocked and you won't receive a bounceback message. You can use either capital or lowercase letters, but the word "important" must be surrounded by brackets to be effective. For example, the subject line "Need additional information" should instead be "[Important] Need additional information" or "Need additional information [Important]." We advise that you only use this measure in select circumstances as Amazon will monitor for overuse.


Receiving opt-out messages

In the event you use an external Feedback tool which is not xSellco Feedback, we will be unable to block these messages and so, your inbox may receive ‘bounce’ notification emails directly from Amazon. The following options are open to you:

  1. Change to xSellco Feedback to have all our your customer engagement in one place. Find out more here.

  2. Change notification settings in Amazon by following these steps:

Directions: Amazon Seller Central > Settings > Notification Preferences > Messaging > Edit > Buyer Opt-out