There are two types of SLA timers, company SLAs and marketplace SLAs. They are the designated amount of time allowed to respond to customers.

A company SLA is the designated amount of time you have allowed to respond to customers and is designed with your normal business hours in mind. The SLA response timer will only countdoown during office hours and pauses outside of office hours. 

Marketplace SLAs are calculated using the marketplaces default SLA response timer. These however do not take your business hours into consideration. Amazon for example, expects its sellers to respond to customers within 24 hours of receiving the message.

You can set your own SLA timer or there are marketplace specific SLA targets. 


Setting SLA Timers:

1. On the top navigation bar go to Settings.

2. From the left side menu select Channels.

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3. Once you have selected the channel, go to the ReplyManager tab and scroll down to ‘SLA Mode’ and ’SLA response times’.

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4. In the ‘SLA Mode’ tab select whether or not it is a Company SLA or Marketplace specific SLA you are setting for this specific channel.

5. In the ‘SLA response times’ tab insert how long you would like to allow to respond to your customers. Input the amount of time in hours.


Note: Once you change your SLA settings, the new settings are only applied to messages you receive after the time of change. The new settings cannot be applied to old messages. The default setting is a 24 hour Marketplace countdown timer.


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