ReplyManager’s report dashboard provides visual performance graphs that depict your business’s support services.

The graphs analyse and report on feedback performance and your company’s compliance with service level agreements (SLAs). The data will help you identify areas of success and where there is need for improvement. The graphs can be exported to an image format, or presented in spreadsheet or pdf form to share with your team members.

Viewing the reports:
Click the reports tab on the main navigation bar at the top of the screen. On the left side menu you will find five tabs, which are listed below. Each tab provides a different report.
1. Messages
2. Tickets
3. Response Times
4. Team
5. Assigned Tickets

Report 1: Messages
The messages data represents how efficiently you and your team have responded to tickets. Place the cursor on a bar of data and the chart will display specific activities at the time you select. On the top right hand side of the graph there is a dropdown menu that allows you to select a date range. You can view data hourly by selecting a single day.
report 1

The chart footer shows the ticket totals for the selected time period, your average response times and on average how long it takes to resolve an issue.
report footer

Tickets by channel: View the distribution of tickets by channel and discover insights on ticket quantities.
pie chart

Feedback: this section gives you an insight into how your positive feedback scores are trending. You can filter the date range for specific time periods. positive feedback graph

Languages and Labels: This section shows the languages used most frequently in your tickets.

Report 2: Tickets Dashboard
Select ‘Tickets’ from the left hand side menu. This section provides a detailed view of your support ticket activity. Place your cursor on the heat map to see the number of incoming messages, sent messages and active agents. The busiest times for support ticket activity are shown in red. The darker the colour, the more activity that took place at that time.
heat map

Your tickets can also be viewed by query type, channel, language and label. If you are seeing high shipping queries, you could save yourself some time by making reply templates for shipping queries.
tickets divided out

Report 3: Response Times Dashboard
This report helps you manage your response times and stay in line with marketplace SLAs. First response time is the average time it takes to respond to the first message in a ticket. Average response time is the average time it takes to respond to messages.
response times

tickets breakdown

Report 4: Team Dashboard
The Team Dashboard reports give you a breakdown of support agent activity. Below the chart, agents are displayed in order of highest response rate. View the number of messages, internal notes and average handling time per agent.
support agent activity

tickets assigned to users

Report 5: Assigned Tickets
In this window you can monitor the number of tickets assigned to each individual agent. The tickets are divided up by status: needs action, awaiting customer, on hold.
tickets assigned to agents

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