ReplyManager integrates with your marketplace channels and mail server so that you can respond faster and more efficiently from within one intuitive user interface.

Click on the ‘Messages’ tab on the top of the navigation bar.
The Message Dashboard view opens on ‘Open’ type, with your open tickets prioritized at the top of the page.


To filter your messages by status, select one of the four options under Open.
Closed: The message has been responded to and marked as closed or no further action was required and the ticket was marked as closed.
Needs action: These are messages that require a follow up action. The countdown timer on the right side of each ticket indicates the remaining time you have to reply to your customer to satisfy SLA guidelines. It is recommended to reply to 90% of your tickets within 24 hours.
Awaiting customer: Messages that are awaiting a response from the customer before any further action can be taken from your side.
Recently updated: Messages that have been updated recently by other agents.

Further filter options on the left hand side menu include:
All tickets: This will have every ticket in your inbox.
Spam: This folder contains all commercial advertising you receive by email.

Creating a Ticket:
1. Select the ‘Create a Ticket’ button in the top right corner.
creating a ticket

2. From the ‘Channel’ dropdown select the channel you want the ticket to be sent from.
3. Under Customer Email enter the recipients email address.
4. Select ‘Add New Ticket’

5. Compose the message, click ‘Send Message’.

Responding to Tickets:
1. Select a ticket. Within each message thread, you can see the full history of messages with your customer, what was ordered, when it was despatched and any communication in between that.
2. Scroll down to compose your response. Where there is an appropriate template created, ReplyManager will auto-suggest the quick response. You can also choose a template from the ‘Templates dropdown’.
3. If the template you have selected sufficiently covers your response, simply click send the reply. Alternatively write your own response in the reply window and click send the reply.

responding to tickets

Depending on how you reply to the message, it will go into one of these four groups. You can see them below in the image
Send Message and Close: When you send the reply the ticket is archived in the ‘Closed’ group. If this ticket is re-opened at a later date, your conversation history is saved for reference.
Send Message and Leave Open: When you reply to the customer it stays in the group of items that need action now. The ‘Clock’ will no longer count down from 24h, unless the customer emails again, in which case the timer would restart from 24h.
Close Ticket: Select this option if the ticket does not require a response and you wish to archive the message. Messages will not be deleted but archived so that you will always have a reference of customer correspondence.
Remind me Later: For issues that you may need third party assistance to resolve, you can select ‘Remind me Later’ and schedule a time to reply to it later.

four groups when replying to ticket

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